Snoring Treatment

Snoring treatment

Snoring, a form of sleep-disordered breathing, is very common. The Sublime by Sanjeevani Wellness Clinic offers treatment for simple snorers and sleep apnea, using the very latest equipment, performed by world-renowned ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons, and a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to help you recover.

Snoring is very embarrassing for you & disturbing for others. Probably you don’t enjoy stay in a group or many times in families this leads an uncompromising situations. This is why you probably want to get rid of it. Here at our clinic we ensure right treatment under observation of best doctors in India. Because all bodies are different so treatment precautions become very selective.

All bodies are different.

Everybody has a different body, due to different nature how we live life, it changes time to time. So every patient is not same for us.

So! We have many specialists

SBSW creates many good-ending snoring treatment stories everyday. Our doctors are most efficient doctors worldwide.

Different analysis is required

For every patient, we have a proper & different problem analysis system. Neither we rush in treatment nor we let you do so. All because we care you.

Our Procedure

Any form of surgery only occurs after a thorough ENT assessment by specialist consultants at our Center. If you are suffering from simple snoring, you can try various preventive measures such as your sleep patterns, using breathing devices and suitable bedding to adjust your sleep position to improve your condition or Surgery is sometimes used to treat snoring if non-surgical treatments don’t work. Our Clinic’s ENT team will remove tissue in your throat. With less tissue, you have a wider airway, which means that the vibrations in your throat will decrease and your snoring will be less pronounced.

How can laser treatment alleviate snoring?

The treatment of snoring is naturally focused on the cause of the problem – factors in the airway that precipitate obstruction to the breathing tube, and high velocity, turbulent, noisy breathing. The main procedures for this include nose unblocking surgery, laser palatal surgery and laser tonsillectomy or laser tonsillotomy.



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