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Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a condition where people sweat too much even when there is no reason for it. In most cases, the sweating may even drip from the palms. If such is the condition, it is evident that you are suffering from the disorder of excessive sweating. It’s common to sweat, everybody does it but the problem arise when it becomes regular with no reasons. Sometimes you are not able to concentrate because of odor, stickiness under arms or in any other part of body. Some times (If your palm sweats), you don’t like to do hand-shake with people in meeting & if you do then you know about bad impression. People dont like to shake hand with you because your hand are sweaty. We know the problem already. Lets take you to the solution now.

If excessive sweating is affecting you, get in touch today to find out how the team at Sublime by Sanjeevani Wellness can help. We are using FDA approved technologies with best doctors in India.

All skin & hair are different!

All skins are not same. Everyone has different skin properties, you need a team of experts because just one expert is not enough.

So! We have many specialists

Sublime by Sanjeevani Wellness creates many good ending skin care stories everyday. Our doctors are most efficient doctors worldwide.

Different analysis is required

For every type of skin, we have a proper analysis system. Neither we rush in treatment nor we let you do so. All because we care you.



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